NYC Dogs Head line.jpg

Board with NYC Dogs. It's safe and fun. Want to know more? Please call Flora or Peter at (646) 552-5917

The sweet trio .jpg

They call us Wild Bunch. Not true.

We are a sophisticated tribe. Exchanging philosophical views.

Dudley New.jpg My playground?

Around the house. Sorry, around my property. Central Park in NYC.

Casey New.jpg

Look at me taking my regular break

while picturing a dinner plate.

peanut New.jpgNot enough space here. Need more. Must be a Park.

Yes, dogs have emotions and a strong mind.

Riley New.jpgCorrect! I am a model. Magazine covers, you know.

Toby New.jpgI am born as a retriever.

The proof? Right below me.

Sheena New.jpgLive from my Boudoir.

YOHJI New.jpg These are my giant flower pots. Just kidding.